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Latest Lending Club News 2020

Lending Club is a financial tech company that launched to the market publicly in late 2014. Using the internet to conduct financial transactions, Lending Club’s goal is to provide small companies with money to use for business expansions or debt consolidation.

They make money strictly on transaction fees and interest accrued from borrowing businesses. It is simple to use: you apply online and they hand you a cash advance. This is so you can consolidate your debt and pay it off at a lower interest rate. You can also then activate the use of your credit card again. 

It’s important to note though that since their launch, they have gone from being a popular hit to reeling, with a value drop of over 80%.

Lending Club News

Lending Club fell over 12%

Based on our Lending Club data, the company has been in a downturn, losing over 10% since August 8th after the second-quarter earnings were revealed. The growth in revenue was very good, as it increased over 27%.

However, despite that, investors were not very impressed with the bottom line results. Lending Club’s patient and education finance unit took a goodwill charge of millions of dollars. Investors were more concerned with the accounting loss of millions.

Lending Club has also been on the end of an investigation from the Massachusetts Attorney General over their advertising and disclosure practices. However, the matter is still in the early stages.

It is quite unfortunate, but investors tend to be very skeptical now over Lending Club’s shares, with its GAAP losses as well as the aforementioned pending investigation. As a matter of fact, the company has lost over 84% of its value since its IPO.

Lending Club is starting to look healthy

On the other hand, there are some good news as well. Lending Club has begun to put up record numbers and boost its profits for the year. It is once again looking like a company that will have a large rebound in the near future.

While investors have lost confidence in Lending Club over large losses in its stock value, they are showing strong signs of high revenue potential. In fact, they are looking at earning over millions of revenues.

Basically, no matter which way you put it, there is money to be made by investing in Lending Club.

Lending Club is a good turnaround investment

With Lending Club being a former shell of itself and still reeling from its 2015 prices, is it a good investment to make? With the stock on the rise, this could be the perfect time for you to get in on placing some stake into Lending Club.

Lending Club Investing Reviews

Experience investing in Lending Club

Lending Club has made it easy for peer to peer lending to take place and take small investments of money and convert them to interest over time. Basically, it revolves around average people loaning money to average people.

Lending Club can offer an annual return of around 5%, which is better than saving rates and bond yields. However, investing in Lending Club is a much riskier endeavor than those options.

Lending Club could offer you multiple levels of performance that varies widely. You could earn over a 15% return, or you could see yourself losing money. Most people using Lending Club will earn around 6 to 9%. You can choose the types of loans you would like to invest in, or you can choose from automatically chosen generated portfolios.

You can even create your own portfolios so you can protect your money much better. Your best bet at making money and not having everyone default on your portfolio is to diversify. Choose a mix of verified loans and high-risk versus low-risk loans, and you’ll have a high probability of making a solid return.

Lending Club is the best lending solution

Regular people over the years have put in over billions of dollars in loans across the Lending Club platform. The loans have returned over 7% in cash flow to these people, with some even greater returns for riskier portfolio creators.

P2P lending allows you to get back bank-like returns without paying high fees for opening an account. You invest in the credit that other people put up to help consolidate their debt. In other words, the fees for Lending Club are low.

The investment fees are 1% on every payment you receive. The IRS taxes Lending Club not as an investment, but as your basic income. This gives it a large disadvantage for tax purposes.

Lending Club is a great way to make supplemental income and to invest some extra money in the consumer credit space. However, you should only use Lending Club as a supplement to your ordinary investment strategy and not to fully replace your investments in the stock market.

The investment length of Lending Club is around 36-60 months. When investing in Lending Club, make sure you diversify your assets as mentioned. You can select loans up to 35% APR, which are obviously at high risk of default.

Selecting from a large variety of A-listed loans and G-listed ones will allow you to make a high return. This makes it relatively short-term of instruments over the usual stock market investments.


Lending Club provides users with a new method to add to their investment portfolio. By allowing you to help consolidate the debt of everyday people around the USA, you can collect a large investment of interest, depending on how risky you decide you want to be.

By creating a diversified investment portfolio, you could help mitigate your losses and counteract them with large returns. It can be risky, but by allowing yourself to learn the system and set up manual transactions, you could be on your way to creating a strong return on your investment.

Lending Club is on the way back up in its share price and would make an excellent investment as a stock investment and as a user investment.

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