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Lending Club Login

Whether you’re a new customer, or just need a little memory jog on how to get logged in to your MyInstantOffer or Lending Club account online, this guide is for you. We’ll take you through a step by step guide on how to log in. We also include everything you need to know, even if you’ve forgotten your password. Sign In

How do you access the sign in? If you have a promo or pre-approval code, you can enter it into to get started. However, in many cases, you won’t have the 12-digit code and will need to use the traditional route to log in.

Go through the home page

To begin, go to the home page. On the top, right-hand corner, you’ll see a text that says “Sign In” in white lettering on top of the dark blue banner.

Sign in to reach the login page

Once you’ve seen it, simply click it to sign in. You’ll then be directed to the member sign-in page.

Enter your account sign-in information

Enter your email address (username) and password. If you’re on your home computer or a secure personal device, feel free to check ‘remember my email’ to make logging in quicker the next time around.

Can’t remember your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Just click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link under the Password field, as shown in the picture above. Then, you’ll be guided through the process to retrieve your account info and change your password to a new one.  

Features Once You Sign In

Once you’ve completed the above procedure in order to sign in, you’ll be able to access various features and account information. Here are a couple of the most important features to Lending Club members that access their account online:

First and very importantly, you can pay your monthly bill online, making it quick and easy to stay on track. You can also view details of past statements and payments as well as view and edit account information or requests.

You can print copies of statements as well if you need to have hard copies of them for your records. In addition to viewing your account details, you can also access the company’s support online.  

Lending Club Contact

If you need to contact Lending Club with questions or for assistance, your options include the following: via calling their number, going to their website, or emailing them. If you want to call them, simply do so by dialing 888-596-3157.

If you want to visit their website, just go to If you want to email them for member support, send a message to

Lastly, their general Lending Club contact email address for investors is


Getting signed in to MyInstantOffer or Lending Club is a fairly quick and simple process. If you’ve already followed the steps in this guide and have account issues that prevent you from signing in, there’s no need to worry.

Just contact Lending Club support from the above options to make sure you can get signed in. Once there, you’ll be able to view all the important information about your account at a glance.

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Lending Club Loan Reviews

Sometimes, our financial woes can get so severe that getting a loan from the bank just isn’t the best option. As a result, we need to get our loans from elsewhere.

Taking loans elsewhere can sometimes be the best financial decision to make though. These days, people are turning to Lending Club and for their loan needs.

Lending Club is an online loan service founded in 2006 that allows customers to get loans for low costs and fixed interest rates. As much as they sound like one, take note that Lending Club is not a payday loan service.

You never win with payday loans, as their dodgy, high-interest rates can suck up all your assets quickly. Lending Club adheres more strongly to federal laws and legally can’t go to the lengths payday loans do to convince you to sign up for a loan.

However, just because lending clubs are generally better than payday loans, how do we ensure that this company isn’t also a scam?

Is a Scam?

Any sound investor should be cautious at the mere thought of taking loans outside of a bank and for good reason. Loan sharks can sniff a desperate borrower from a mile away and will take advantage of you at the drop of a hat.

Lending Club is the owner of When deciding whether to try out Lending Club, it’s understandable to also consider the reputation and quality of one of its businesses.

Let’s analyze them strategically. Google, since the launch of Lending Club (owner of, has invested millions of dollars in this company.

Why is this significant? If Google were to invest in, say, a fraudulent loan company, their entire reputation would be at risk. Any company that invests in a morally dubious enterprise runs the risk of poisoning their own reputation.

Google has expert investment teams periodically searching and researching companies for their profitability, credibility and legality. If Google’s massive investing teams trust Lending Club, then it’s safe to say most of us can as well.

On top of being trusted by Google, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the marketplace, conducted a thorough examination of Lending Club.

They found that out of the 10,000 loans offered, only 23 individuals have ever filed a complaint in 2013. As it has risen in popularity, the proportion between the number of loans and the number of complaints has stayed the same, with 99% of customers being satisfied to this day.

The other important factor that distinguishes the website from devious loan sharks is that they’re online. Not to say that there aren’t scam loan services out there that use the anonymity of the internet to their advantage, though.

But rather than using the internet against its customers, the internet aspect is what works for The fact that they’re online trumps other banks and sketchy loan sharks for a couple of reasons. One, the rates are significantly lower than average.

This is because running an online loan service is significantly cheaper than the more in-person loan services thanks to having a much smaller team. The smaller the team operating, the lesser the costs. The lesser the costs, the lesser the interest rates.

In conclusion, Lending Club isn’t a scam. However, that’s not to say that the company doesn’t have its downfalls.

Lending Club Reviews

In general, Lending Club has received mixed to polarized opinions, as can be seen on Lending Club reviews BBB. On the one hand, customers praise Lending Club’s easy to apply process, security and at times, good customer service.

Lending Club’s prices, rates and financial flexibility also make this company praised among customers.

Complaints towards Lending Club include high orientation fees, high credit requirements, unavailable customer services (sometimes) and unreliable documentation.

If your loan needs are simple, chances are your experience will be positive.

Lending Club Complaints

Lending Club has had a number of different complaints over the years. For one, Lending Club tends to be very strict about who gets to take out a loan. Despite being an alternative to a bank, Lending Club still won’t approve a loan unless customers have a credit score of at least 600.

Even with a relatively decent credit score, the interest rates on some loans can be relatively high. Although 7% interest is promised, it’s possible for customers to reach interest rates of up to 20% or so with a low credit score.

Customer service hasn’t always been the best either, with some customers complaining of how normal customer service can’t do anything unless they contact the managers in high positions. But even then, the managers of the company are seldom available, causing dissatisfaction among their customers.

There are also complaints that Lending Club provides misinformation to credit companies, the bank and even the customers themselves. In general, experiences with Lending Club are fairly polarized among customers.

Is Lending Club Legal?

Lending Club has been established since 2008 and so far, hasn’t been accused of any legal misconducts. Lending Club uses an online banking system called WebBank, which operates under federal banking laws.

WebBank itself is regulated and ensured by multiple federal acts, including the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Truth in Lending Act.

Since it’s an initial organization in 1997 under Utah’s digital laws, WebBank has been a reliable digital banking service used by many Loan Service Companies.


In short, Lending Club is credible, reliable and overall, not a bad place to get a loan. Like any business, they have their downfalls, but a reliable loan service that’s not a bank is hard to come by these days. That’s why it’s such a good thing that there’s no such thing as a scam.

Lending Club has gained a reputation as one of the most credible loan services online. If you can’t get a loan from a bank, Lending Club is certainly a solid alternative for your funding needs.

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How to Apply for MyInstantOffer Loan Immediately?

MyInstantOffer Application

MyInstantOffer is appealing to many prospective borrowers because it can offer rates lower than many banks. Plus, you have the benefit of more flexible loans.

Just like with any other loan or financial application, you need to know the qualifications and what the application process entails. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you need to know to apply for a loan through MyInstantOffer.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

First, to qualify for a loan through MyInstantOffer, you need a source of income. For most people, that’s going to mean a steady job.

Although if you have something like an annuity, that would also count as income as long as the amount and frequency of disbursement are enough to show you can pay back the loan.

Then, you need to have a FICO credit score of at least 600. This is the minimum score you can have to be approved for a loan. However, having a higher score doesn’t guarantee approval if you have circumstances that disqualify you.

You will also need to be prepared to show proof of your income to verify your financial stability. Typically, you can use documents such as w2 forms, tax returns, or pay stubs (a few months may be requested to prove consistency).

MyInstantOffer Application

Here’s a step by step run through of the MyInstantOffer application process:

Application Type

This sounds easy, it’s a loan application after all. However, this field is really just to select whether you’re applying by yourself or with a partner. If you apply individually, it’s quicker, but a joint application has better chances of approval and a larger loan.


In these fields, simply enter your first and last name (in their respective places, of course). Make sure you use your legal name, not a nickname or alias.


Next are the typical address fields: street address, city, state, and zip code. Note: don’t use a P.O. Box or a mailing address – you should use your residential address.

Date of Birth

Next, enter your date of birth in the provided places for month, day and year. This is an important application question, as individuals under 18 cannot be considered.

Email Address

After that, enter your email address next. Use an email address you check frequently, as this will be used to create your account.


Enter a password to be used for your account. Make sure you’re creating a strong password because this will be used to access your loan and application information.


Next, there are two fields for income. The first, yearly income, is required. The next field, yearly additional income, isn’t required; however, it can help your chances of approval.

Agree to terms

Lastly, read and click agree to the terms of use. After that, click ‘get my rate’ to continue.

How Much Can You Loan?

The amount a borrower can be granted ranges. However, it’s important to keep in mind that to qualify for higher amounts, you need to show more financial capability.


The application process for MyInstantOffer is quick and easy – just remember to be accurate so you can know if you’re approved. Use this quick guide to help you get key points and submit your application without issue.

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Lending Club vs Prosper vs LendingTree: Which Is the Best Personal Loan?

When you need a loan, it can seem stressful trying to find the right lender. However, you shouldn’t just go with the first lender you find. Take the time to compare and contrast your different lending options; make sure you are going with the best lender for you and your needs.

In this article, you will get to know three popular lenders and better understand what each of them has to offer.

Weighing the pros and cons, understanding the differences and comparing what each company can offer you will all help you make an informed decision and choose the best lender for you.

Before you can properly compare them, you need to know more about the companies themselves.

About Lending Club

With business loans, personal loans and auto refinancing, Lending Club has a great reputation for helping you save money and provide a financial hand when you need it.

With over 2.5 million people having used Lending Club and billions of dollars borrowed, the Lending Club is just short of a full five-star rating, proving it is a trusted and trustworthy business.

Lending Club works by screening borrowers and facilitating the transactions from borrowers and investors. They are then able to service the loans from investors and you get the money you need.

The investors gain the ability to diversify their investment portfolio and earn competitive returns while aiding the borrower’s need to get cash fast. Since 2007, Lending Club has strived to reinvent how people borrow money, and this technological company has certainly done that and more.

About Prosper

Founded in 2005, Prosper is a much smaller and less well-known company than Lending Club, but it is still a worthy competitor. It has over 850,000 borrowers and 14 billion dollars borrowed.

They take pride in having low interest and fixed term personal loans that are meant to help empower those in financial need, rather than cripple them and make it difficult to get out of debt.

The interest rate is low and will never increase, the payment plans can be tailored to your financial needs and there are no prepayment penalties.

If you decide to go with Prosper, you will need to complete three simple steps. Step one involves choosing how much money you need to take out in a loan, answer a few questions and find out what your interest rates will be instantly.

If you are satisfied with the options Prosper has to offer you, then move onto step two: selecting the loan offer that is best for you. The third step is getting your money directly into your bank account with a direct deposit.

No need to worry about a check in the mail or transferring funds. The money goes straight to where you need it so you can start using it immediately.

About Lending Tree

With 22 years of experience behind them, Lending Tree is easily one of the most well-known lenders in the United States. With over 100 million borrowers, billions of dollars borrowed and a large variety of loans available, it is easy to see how Lending Tree has stayed at the top of the lending company list for all these years.

Whether you are looking for a business loan or a personal loan, Lending Tree is here to help with home purchases, refinancing, auto loans, and even credit cards. Want even more help?

Lending Tree can also help you find and repair your credit score, get a reverse mortgage, get equity in your home, consolidate your debt and help you with banking.

Lending Tree finds the best loans available for you and lets you choose which one you want to go with. Within a matter of minutes, you can be seeing all the loans you qualify for and can simply select the one you want.

This makes comparing easy and getting the money you need simple and efficient. Whether you are looking to refinance student loans, buy your first house, or even get insurance, Lending Tree can be a one-stop-shop for it all.

Lending Club vs Prosper vs LendingTree

FactorsLending ClubProsperLending Tree
Services OfferedBusiness and Personal LoansPersonal LoansBusiness and Personal Loans +
Application ProcessSimple and Online Simple and OnlineSimple and Online
Credit Score Approval660 or betterAverage or betterFair or better
Loan Amount Limit40,000$40,000$50,000
Fees1 % per year2.4 % per yearLess than 1 %
Minimum Deposit$1,000$25None
Loan SourcePeer to PeerMarketplaceMarketplace
Payment Schedule3 or 5 years3 or 5 years3 months to 15 years
Funds Received  Time About 3 days About 2 daysAbout 7 days
Customer ServiceAvailable 6 daysAvailable 5 days Available all 7 days
Cosigners OptionYesNoYes
APR6.16 % to 35.89 %6.95 % to 35.99 %4.79 % to 35.99 %

Services Offered

Lending Tree, by far, offers the most services with not only personal and business loans, but insurance, credit repair and much more.

While Lending Club offers business and personal loans and Prosper offers personal loans, you get a plethora of other options when you go with Lending Tree. Whether you want to refinance your mortgage or student loans, auto loans, credit cards, getting insurance, gain equity in your home and even repair your credit score.

Application Process

All three lenders operate online so the process is relatively quick and simple. You will need to fill out a form and consent to a credit report check. You can then choose how much you want to borrow.

If you go with Prosper or Lending Tree, they will then provide a list of possible loans you qualify for that you can choose from.

Credit Score Approval

Each lender has different criteria for credit scoring and what they deem to be the minimum amount of credit you need to have to borrow from them. Lending Club is very clear that you need to have a credit score of 660 or better to borrow from them.

To borrow from Lending Tree, you need to have a fair or better credit score. Prosper requires a credit score of average or better to borrow from them, which makes them the most lenient when it comes to credit scores.

Loan Amount Limit

Both Lending Club and Lending Club competitors such as Prosper have a 40,000-dollar limit for personal loans, while Lending Tree has a maximum loan of 50,000 dollars.


While none of these lending companies have over 40% interest rates, they all have different ranges of interest rates. Lending Club’s APR ranges from the lowest at 6.16 percent and the highest being 35.89 percent.

Prosper’s lowest interest rate is 6.95 percent and the highest rate is 35.99 percent. Lending Tree has the greatest range and lowest percentage, at 4.79 percent and a high of 35.99 percent.


Fees related to your loan also range with the three different companies. Prosper has the highest fees with roughly 2.4 percent of your loan going to that. Lending Club boasts of their 1 percent fee, while Lending Tree comes in with a less than 1 percent fee every year.

When You Get Your Money

If you need your money as quickly as possible, Prosper is your best bet. They are able to get your money to you directly into your bank account via direct deposit in only two days. Lending Club takes only a day longer with a three-day waiting period.

On the other hand, Lending Tree takes the longest time to get you your money, with an average of seven days before you have access to it.

Minimum Deposit

Lending Club and Prosper both require you to have a minimum deposit to borrow from them. Lending Club needs you to put up a relatively high deposit, while Prosper’s deposit requirement is significantly lower. Lending Tree doesn’t require a deposit to borrow from them at this time.

Loan Source

Prosper and Lending Tree both utilize a marketplace-style loaning system that helps connect you to a variety of loaners that meet your criteria. It also allows you to select the one that you want.

Lending Club, on the other hand, utilizes peer to peer lending that allows you to borrow from them while investors invest into it themselves, rather than dealing with banks or corporations.

Payment Schedule

For both Lending Club and Prosper, you can choose between a three-year payment plan and a five-year payment plan. Lending Tree offers you the option to choose how long you want to have to pay back the loan with a range of three months to 15 years.

Cosigner Option

If you have a low credit score or just feel more comfortable having a cosigner on your loan, you can have two people on the loan if you go with Lending Club or Lending Tree. If you decide to go with Prosper, you will have to sign the loan on your own.

Customer Service

If you run into any problems or just have some more questions you want to be answered along the way, all three companies have information and FAQs on their website. If you want to get in touch with a representative, you can call the companies for more help.

Prosper is available Monday through Friday, Lending Club is available Monday through Saturday. Lastly, Lending Tree is available all seven days of the week.


Getting a loan doesn’t have to be as complicated and stressful as it used to be. Whether you choose to go with Lending Club, Prosper, or Lending Tree, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a loan that is right for you without having to worry about high interest rates, intense payment schedules, or ending up in further financial trouble trying to repay the loan.

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Latest Lending Club News 2020

Lending Club is a financial tech company that launched to the market publicly in late 2014. Using the internet to conduct financial transactions, Lending Club’s goal is to provide small companies with money to use for business expansions or debt consolidation.

They make money strictly on transaction fees and interest accrued from borrowing businesses. It is simple to use: you apply online and they hand you a cash advance. This is so you can consolidate your debt and pay it off at a lower interest rate. You can also then activate the use of your credit card again. 

It’s important to note though that since their launch, they have gone from being a popular hit to reeling, with a value drop of over 80%.

Lending Club News

Lending Club fell over 12%

Based on our Lending Club data, the company has been in a downturn, losing over 10% since August 8th after the second-quarter earnings were revealed. The growth in revenue was very good, as it increased over 27%.

However, despite that, investors were not very impressed with the bottom line results. Lending Club’s patient and education finance unit took a goodwill charge of millions of dollars. Investors were more concerned with the accounting loss of millions.

Lending Club has also been on the end of an investigation from the Massachusetts Attorney General over their advertising and disclosure practices. However, the matter is still in the early stages.

It is quite unfortunate, but investors tend to be very skeptical now over Lending Club’s shares, with its GAAP losses as well as the aforementioned pending investigation. As a matter of fact, the company has lost over 84% of its value since its IPO.

Lending Club is starting to look healthy

On the other hand, there are some good news as well. Lending Club has begun to put up record numbers and boost its profits for the year. It is once again looking like a company that will have a large rebound in the near future.

While investors have lost confidence in Lending Club over large losses in its stock value, they are showing strong signs of high revenue potential. In fact, they are looking at earning over millions of revenues.

Basically, no matter which way you put it, there is money to be made by investing in Lending Club.

Lending Club is a good turnaround investment

With Lending Club being a former shell of itself and still reeling from its 2015 prices, is it a good investment to make? With the stock on the rise, this could be the perfect time for you to get in on placing some stake into Lending Club.

Lending Club Investing Reviews

Experience investing in Lending Club

Lending Club has made it easy for peer to peer lending to take place and take small investments of money and convert them to interest over time. Basically, it revolves around average people loaning money to average people.

Lending Club can offer an annual return of around 5%, which is better than saving rates and bond yields. However, investing in Lending Club is a much riskier endeavor than those options.

Lending Club could offer you multiple levels of performance that varies widely. You could earn over a 15% return, or you could see yourself losing money. Most people using Lending Club will earn around 6 to 9%. You can choose the types of loans you would like to invest in, or you can choose from automatically chosen generated portfolios.

You can even create your own portfolios so you can protect your money much better. Your best bet at making money and not having everyone default on your portfolio is to diversify. Choose a mix of verified loans and high-risk versus low-risk loans, and you’ll have a high probability of making a solid return.

Lending Club is the best lending solution

Regular people over the years have put in over billions of dollars in loans across the Lending Club platform. The loans have returned over 7% in cash flow to these people, with some even greater returns for riskier portfolio creators.

P2P lending allows you to get back bank-like returns without paying high fees for opening an account. You invest in the credit that other people put up to help consolidate their debt. In other words, the fees for Lending Club are low.

The investment fees are 1% on every payment you receive. The IRS taxes Lending Club not as an investment, but as your basic income. This gives it a large disadvantage for tax purposes.

Lending Club is a great way to make supplemental income and to invest some extra money in the consumer credit space. However, you should only use Lending Club as a supplement to your ordinary investment strategy and not to fully replace your investments in the stock market.

The investment length of Lending Club is around 36-60 months. When investing in Lending Club, make sure you diversify your assets as mentioned. You can select loans up to 35% APR, which are obviously at high risk of default.

Selecting from a large variety of A-listed loans and G-listed ones will allow you to make a high return. This makes it relatively short-term of instruments over the usual stock market investments.


Lending Club provides users with a new method to add to their investment portfolio. By allowing you to help consolidate the debt of everyday people around the USA, you can collect a large investment of interest, depending on how risky you decide you want to be.

By creating a diversified investment portfolio, you could help mitigate your losses and counteract them with large returns. It can be risky, but by allowing yourself to learn the system and set up manual transactions, you could be on your way to creating a strong return on your investment.

Lending Club is on the way back up in its share price and would make an excellent investment as a stock investment and as a user investment.

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